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Moped Helmets

Who doesn’t want a moped or scooter to get you around town quickly and conveniently, and save you a ton of gas as compared to your car? Mopeds and scooters are great, but safety comes first, and you need to accompany your moped/scooter purchase with a proper moped helmet.



Moped helmets come in many styles, and the following is an overview set up to aid you making the right choice.

Moped Helmet Options

  • The shell moped helmet has a removable visor that snaps on easily and it is opened face in design. This design also comes with a removable interior, which makes washing a breeze. This helmet style is usually the cheapest of the helmet alternatives.
  • The adult open face moped helmet is lightweight and has a washable interior. It also has neck and ear covers that can be removed, if not desired. This model also has three different shields available in your preferred tint.


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  • The 380-moped helmet is old school in design, but modern in safety. It is an opened face helmet and has a three snap visor available for eye protection.
  • The adult aviator helmets have an open face with a liner and pads for the rider’s cheeks. A unique screw-on visor is available with UV and scratch protection.



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  • The adult beanie half helmet has a D-ring chin strap that allows for great comfort. Removable ear covers are available on these moped helmets. It is lightweight and covers the whole head, including the built in visor, for eye protection. This style offers the maximum protection for any user.
  • The adult open-faced moped helmet with a nylon cover is a great way to show your style. This helmet has a snap on visor and carved out space for speakers to fit comfortably inside.  

All these moped and scooter helmet styles are unique and effective in their own way. Be sure to get the proper fit for the helmet you chose and make sure it is secure before you take off on any ride!

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